Is tech your nightmare—like, the shit horror movies are made of? Do you catch yourself daydreaming about ways to get online and launch a business in a way that doesn’t make you want to set fire to your office and claim the insurance. Enter, Made By Rove.

Fully Customisable, Zero Code, Showit Website Templates

Launch your website, without the wait.

100% customizable, designer made, Showit website templates are our go-to for launching websites without code slowing you down (or emptying your bank account). We’ve created a collection of minimalist, modern Showit templates to rep your brand out of the box and customize to no end.

Whoever said you can’t launch a website in a few days never met the MBR x Showit website templates.

You’re ready to make your vision a reality—fuck overthinking every last detail.

You value minimal, modern design that makes you and your message stand out

You don’t want to spend thousands on a developer (or months learning how to code yourself)

You’re down to watch a few Showit videos to find your way around the platform

 You’ve majorly outgrown your old, free website and are ready to grow your business without the limitations.

You’re ready to launch your business and start making money, like, yesterday


Browse our collection of Showit templates and choose the one that’s best for your business, whether you’re selling coaching or coffee.


Choose your MBR x Showit website template

Get yourself a membership to Showit—starting at $19, memberships are affordable and include your monthly hosting.


Sign up to Showit

This is where the fun starts: Watch a handful of Showit’s how-to videos and customize your template to your brand.


Customise your Showit website template

You can’t launch a site without securing a domain. Visit a domain host site (yeah, like GoDaddy) and buy yourself a URL.


Secure your domain

Save yourself the tech headache and ask Showit to launch your website for you—then pop the champagne! You’re in business! Yep, it's THAT easy!


Launch & celebrate




Hayley is amazing, Showit is amazing, her eye for design is great - I fully trusted her because I know shes great at what she does. Not everyone can design good looking AND functional sites, but Hayley does both really well.

“I have made more money, had more sign ups for freebies, more enquiries, and felt more confident than ever before!”


I never knew how powerful branding and websites can be. I have been approached by big brands to collaborate with them which never happened before. I stand out now and I am so here for it. Obsessed doesn't even cut it. It's everything I ever wanted and totally didn't know I needed

“Soon after doing the brand & Showit website, I had my first $30K month!”


I feel ALIVE with passion for sticking with my new business wherever the path leads me. With Hayley, I have formed an online foundation to be proud of.

"I feel as high as a kite. My new brand, my Showit website & my presence has been elevated to levels I could not have imagined."


It makes me feel like I might actually know what I’m doing in terms of business! The thing with Made By Rove is, not only are the Showit templates functional and beautiful, Hayley designs them in such a way that they help your business to grow practically on its own. She is a genius.

"It’s such a proud moment every time I point someone in the direction of my website."

There are some things you can cut corners and save money with, your brand and your website is NOT one of those things. Hayley is such an expert and will hold your hand throughout the whole process, I loved working with the team and it's one of the best decisions I've made this year!

“It's completely shifted my own confidence, I feel like such a professional!"



I'm a marketing director by trade so I know what a website costs, this is an incredibly cost-effective way to get a very professional website. I'm really happy with my Showit website and the service was incredible, thank you!

“The modern design was just what I was looking for."


I love the overall design and feel of the template, but also the way people can interact with it, with the different hover features, and the different story-telling options, it’s brilliant! It helps me sell my services without being too in your face. It’s just the right amount of ‘work with me’ but also ‘stay awhile and enjoy it’ - you know?!

“I truly think that it’s much clearer, and to the point, it’s much more me."