Ever feel like finding new clients or boosting your business sales is impossible? Don't worry! Finding new clients and making more sales is doable!

A Quick Guide To Finding New Clients and Making More Sales

Date: Feb 3, 2020

Finding Your Ideal Client

Ever feel like finding new clients or boosting your business sales is an impossible task? Like ‘attempting to climb Mt. Everest after only one week of training’ impossible?

Well, we’re here to tell you that finding new clients and making more money is not only doable but it’s actually kind of fun. Plus, there is no outdoor activity involved, so you’re good.

You’ve seen the transformation from stressed out to successful business over and over again on social media – but we’re sure you’re wondering – what’s their secret sauce?

Let’s take a deeper look, shall we?

First up you’ll need to dive deep into who your ideal client actually is as a person

Before you start hustling for sales, you first and foremost need to discover your ideal client. Get as familiar with them as you would a friend so that you know exactly WHO you’re speaking to through your marketing.

The more you narrow this down and get super specific, the higher chance you have of being heard above the noise.

Speak directly to the people you want to work with and have their inquiries flood your inbox.

Discover Your Ideal Client with Studio Break The Loop

Focus on how you can help people through your business, what is the transformation that your products or services provide?

Spend some time thinking about exactly how you and your business help or provide solutions to problems. If you’re clear on this you can confidently speak to those transformations whenever you interact with your people.

Remember – It’s not what you’re selling that matters, but the transformation and results that occur.

Focus on that result and how it will improve your client’s life and business. Get them thinking about the outcome and what’s on the other side of signing that dotted line with you.

Don’t forget to tell people how they can work with you

This tip is probably the most important / obvious one, but it is often overlooked or flat-out ignored due to a fear of being too pushy or ‘salesy’. Make sure you’re telling people how you can help them and how they can work with you – what’s obvious to you might not be obvious to them so don’t leave it to chance.

Maybe you already feel like you’re constantly repeating yourself or “shouting it from the rooftops.” However, if you aren’t doing this daily (weekly at the BARE MINIMUM), then the truth is that barely anyone is seeing or hearing you.

Have you ever heard of the Rule of 7 in marketing?

People need to see or hear something 7 times before they take action or buy. Crazy right? But it’s true!

Factor that in with the social media algorithms and the fact that only 5% (give or take) of your followers actually see your content – and the thought of repeating yourself daily doesn’t seem quite as excessive, right?

You have to keep in mind the sheer volume of people online. There is a lot of content floating around these days. You can see how you might need to make a lot of invitations to make finding new clients and closing sales happen.

Create connection with your audience through storytelling

Sometimes all we want is to feel heard and understood. If you can convey the fact that you truly empathise with people’s struggles and care about solving their problems, then you’ve already won. People can get information, products or services from a number of places – the thing that will make them come to you over others? Connection.

Basically the tip here is to be more human. Not some scary sales robot.

Do your research and beta test EVERYTHING

Nothing is more disheartening than working for months and months on a new product or service only to launch it and then *crickets* because your audience actually needed something totally different.

Beta testing allows you to see the efficacy of a product before you actually spend days, weeks and months building it.

It also allows you to gain valuable feedback through this process, which should inform you on what to change and improve before launching to the world. Hone in on the results during this phase, like we mentioned above, results is all that people are really after.

Pour that love and attention onto your current and past clients

We saved the best for last – are you listening? Your clients have trusted you, invested in you and you would be foolish to forget that. Instead of constantly focusing on how to get more, more, more – look at and appreciate what you already have. Before you switch off, this is a solid tactic – we promise…

If you look after those people well, you will build solid relationships – which is what it’s all about. The likelihood is that will not only end up working with them for years to come BUT that they will also be your biggest cheerleaders and will refer you to their people over and over again.

Studio Break The Loop started thanks to referrals and it’s still the number one way we book clients, by a long shot.

So ditch the shiny-suit-sales-tactics, spread the love and the money will follow!

It doesn’t matter if you are currently facing a lull in your inquiries or sales are steady and growing, these tips should be applied year-round to your business for finding new clients. By making these practices a habit, you will see the positive effects and will also see those dollars roll in consistently!

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A Quick Guide To Finding New Clients & Making More Sales

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