4 Simple Ways to Build Confidence as an Entrepreneur

Date: Sep 5, 2021

Hayley Jane Warnes, the founder of Made By Rove. Brand strategist and Showit web designer talking about how to build confidence as an entrepreneur

Made By Rove’s top 4 ways to build confidence as an entrepreneur

Confidence can’t be bought but… it can be conjured. 

The world of business can feel a bit like the wild west – dangerous, unpredictable, and often leaving you in dire need of a very stiff drink in your local saloon. Add to that the fact that women in biz, are repeatedly told (both directly and indirectly) that we’re not serious or that we’re not as good/talented/investment-worthy as our male counterparts, and we absolutely need to learn how to build and bolster our own confidence reserves so we can dip into them, even when we’re low.

The great news is, we can actively take steps to create irresistible levels of confidence that not only exudes outwardly but makes us feel pretty damn good in the day-to-day, too.

You ready?

1️⃣ Shore up your messaging

Often a lack of confidence just comes from a lack of clarity. If we know exactly what we’re saying and to whom we’re saying it – we’re pretty confident in getting out there. 

Our advice? If you’re feeling a bit wobbly about showing up on social media, it’s probably because you’re not married to your messaging yet. So, spend some time working on your ideal client, find 3 perfectly worded pain points you can pull from, and work out your unique spin on things. Especially package and service names that’ll make you stand out! 

It’s time to stop throwing social media spaghetti at the wall and get intentional about what we share. 

2️⃣ Master your mindset

Ok, this one sounds a bit ‘ugh’. But trust me. Know thyself!

But mindset, how we respond to things, and the way in which we perceive the world is incredibly important – and no more so than when we’re having a crisis of confidence. By practising gratitude, journaling the good parts of our days, and writing lots of audacious goals that get us fired up and focused, we create our own mental road map for where we are going. No danger of being lost in the digital desert suffering hard from comparisonitis, and imposter syndrome – just staying in our own abundant oasis and remaining cool, clear, and confident. 

3️⃣ Bathe in testimonials

This is one straight from our vault. If we need to build confidence as an entrepreneur aka a little pre-sales call boost, or a gee-up for a big day, we head straight to a Google Doc we’ve created called ‘Social Proof’. In there we’ve lovingly copy and pasted all the awesome shit our clients have said about us. Yup – we bathe in that goodness. (and you should too!)

This is also super helpful when you go through something tough, make a mistake, lose a client, drop the ball somewhere along the line. Trust us, it will happen and it will be a stellar learning opportunity but when you’re in the thick of it and just need reminding that you are in fact a badass at what you do, testimonials will help.

4️⃣ Get a super sexy Showit website

You’re not shocked are you? No, us neither. But having a gorgeous website is actually a relatively easy way to feel like ‘I’m that bitch’. And with Showit, it’s even easier! Because you can purchase designer website templates! Which means your super sexy Showit website won’t even take a week to put together… and it will cost you less than $1k!

That’s designer showit templates that make people say…

Client testimonial highlighting the importance of a great website when trying to build confidence as an entrepreneur

And also…

Client testimonial highlighting the importance of a great website when trying to build confidence as an entrepreneur

(And yes, those bad boys are definitely saved in our Social Proof folder 😉)

So if confidence, a seductive website, and the side-effect of more sales are on your wishlist this year – check out the templates, right now!

Or, if you’re looking for more hands-on support, you can apply to work with us here.

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