How to do a website audit

Here’s How To Do A Website Audit

Date: Mar 31, 2022

How to do a website audit

You have your website up and running, but traffic is a little slow and those visitors are not converting into followers. You know you’ve taken the time to build a site you love, but it is built to convert? It may be time to take a look around a little deeper and run a website audit to get the best results. 

These are a few things that you can do to tighten things up and make sure you are making the most out of your website. Even if you think your website is converting pretty well, these tips may help you level up even more. 

A major key is to draw in the attention of your website visitors early.

Create clear content above the fold

First stop on the website audit express… You want to first double-check what is above the fold. The content that is above the fold is the first content visible before a visitor scrolls down the page. Is it easy for potential clients or customers to understand what you do and who you serve from the get-go? A clear call to action and the next steps are a must. You have to lead people where you want them to go. If their pathway is unclear, they are likely to click off of your website. Ensure their navigation through is user friendly and informative. 

Clarity equals conversion.

Don’t keep people waiting

There is nothing worse than a slow-loading website. In a world of immediate and instantaneous, speed is everything. A slow load time is the number one thing that puts people off and many will click away before your site has even fully loaded! According to Kissmetrics, 47% of site visitors expect a page to load in less than 2 seconds, and 40% will leave if the loading process takes more than 3 seconds. As I said, don’t keep people waiting because as a business, it will 100% lose you money. 

Use tools, like a this site speed checker from Google, to check in on your speed and elevate the components of your website that could be killing your speed. The biggest culprit in slowing down your site is likely to be all of the beautiful brand imagery you have uploaded. 

While these design elements are 100% necessary, ensure that uploaded content is fully optimised and sized correctly. Images should be a reasonable file size. Keep in mind that the higher the resolution of your image, the larger your file size and when it comes to web-based imagery that is not a good thing. Anything with MB in the title is WAY too big. Try sticking to 500kb or lower for your image file size. When it comes to file types, stick to JPGs for photography and PNGs for graphics. Having the proper file type is also critical to your website performance.

Lastly, use your image file names to your advantage for search engine optimization. Be sure to use hyphens in your file names instead of spaces, underscores, or special characters. Stay consistent with your file naming as well, such as all lowercase naming. Incorporating alt text when you upload the image to your site is also a best practice when it comes to image SEO. 

Craft copy that speaks to your ideal client.

Hone in on your messaging

Another aspect of your website that may need a makeover is your website copy. Does your copy resonate and speak to your ideal client? Your copy may be confusing or connecting with the wrong crowd. While visuals draw attention, the copy is what gets you that booked client. Your messaging provides details about your services, the next steps for the booking process, and lets potential clients in on who you are as a business owner.  

Some of you may be on the side of too little copy, while others may be sharing too much. Instead of oversharing about yourself, focus on addressing your ideal client’s pain points and how you address those items. Most importantly, share the transformation that you, your products, or services provide. People want to see results, share the possibilities with them to peak their interest, and get them excited to work with you.

Social proof is everything when building a website that converts

Along the same lines of showing the results your services provide, social proof can really help to build trust and reiterate the incredible value of working with you. This is where those screenshots from client emails, DMs, and more come in. Lack a little in this department? No worries. Make it easy and simple for current and past clients to submit kind words about their experience with you through a form on the backend of your website. You could also send over an email requesting a testimonial to display on your website as you close out a contract.

This content is also great to share on social media as well. If people are saying good things about your products or services, shout about it from the rooftops!

Bonus – Here’s how to get THE best testimonials, you can thank us later!

Keep in mind, less is more

If you have countless services, products, and offerings – consider scaling things back a bit. A business audit alongside your website audit. You may not be converting those visitors to clients because people are too overwhelmed with all of the things available to choose from. Have you ever found yourself in a restaurant staring at the menu, no idea where to even start with the hundreds of dishes on offer?

Try to refine things to 1-2 signature services. Make it clear what offerings you have available and WHO they are for. This is a simple way to not only connect with the right people for your business but get them eager to hit that ‘BOOK NOW’ button. 

Remember clarity is king and especially important when removing doubt. Make it as easy as possible for people to buy from you. 

Struggling with the design side of things for your website? Or, has reading this and completing your website audit made you realise that your website is beyond repair and it’s time for out with the old and in with the new! Check out our premium MBR x Showit Website Templates! They make it so easy to get a gorgeous website launched!

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