here's how to nail your showit SEO

Here’s How to Nail Your Showit SEO

Date: Jan 19, 2021

Here's how to nail your Showit SEO

How to Nail Your Showit SEO

Unless you’re a tech whiz or web developer, you’re probably known to let out a groan (or at least a huge eye roll) at any mention of SEO. Search Engine Optimization? Sounds boring, long-winded and quite frankly, confusing. 

And hey, we get it. It sort of is all of the above. 

But here’s the thing, SEO is an important element to consider when creating for the web and better than that, it works. If you’re looking to ramp up sales and rid your website of tumbleweeds blowing through, you’ll need to implement an SEO strategy asap. 

Don’t stress – it doesn’t have to be super technical or super complicated in order to be highly effective!

But before we dive into how to put your own together, let’s go ahead and address the elephant in the room, shall we?

There’s an odd misconception that when it comes to SEO, Showit isn’t the best platform – it’s high time we put the rumour to bed. There’s no doubt that other platforms like WordPress are undeniably fab for SEO (um, Showit even has a WordPress blog fully integrated!), but there’s more than one platform killing the search optimization game and SEO for Showit is right there with the best of them.  

Here’s how you can help your Showit site climb up through the internet ranks with these ridiculously simple SEO tips.

Start with the Basics: Fill Your Site with GOOD Stuff

Populating your Showit site with insightful and mega valuable content is the best way to rank higher in people’s search results. Give Google what it wants – easy-to-read pages with clear, well-written content on your specialist subject or industry and you’re halfway to winning the SEO game.

Your site structure (aka how things are laid out on each page) also should play into your SEO strategy and is super important with Showit sites! You’ll want to avoid things known for slowing sites down like having a massive homepage that takes several minutes to load and scroll (or conversely, ten thousand subpages). Aim to create a user-friendly layout with clear navigation, and Google won’t just thank you for it, they’ll reward you for it too. 

Pro tip: If you want to add new sections and elements to your Showit website (which you can easily do, btw!) to keep things super SEO-friendly you’ll want to make sure that under the canvas tab, in your Showit dashboard, each new element is layered in the order that it appears on the page – working from top to bottom or left to right. (Don’t worry, reordering things is as simple as dragging and dropping!) 

It’s also time to start getting serious about keywords.

A crucial content seasoning, keywords are like adding the perfect amount of black pepper to a dish, but not enough to make everyone around the table sneeze. Find a solid few keywords you’d like to rank for and use them strategically in your copy, where it makes sense to do so. Remember, it’s super obvious when your content is written authentically and conversely when it’s keyword-stuffed.

Make Content Easy to Read

Once you’ve got some solid gold copy under your belt, double-check it’s actually legible. Readability is an oft-overlooked basic, but it’s crucial when it comes to Showit SEO. 

You want to create text that’s easy for visitors to take in! Some factors that play into this include the complexity of the words you use, the font choice, how information is being presented, the character spacing, and even the line-height.

Bottom line: you want to avoid hurting people’s eyes while they read through pages of your website. 

Let’s also chat about UX!

While it can be totally tempting to create a unique experience full of animation, jaw-dropping graphics and memorable typeface, things start to get tricky when you chuck everything into one website. The pieces that seem like a lot of fun can end up hurting you in the long run when it comes to UX basics and your overall search ranking. 

Again, your SEO strategy is all about pleasing Google and the internet browsing giant doesn’t reward chaotic design.

Want some help creating the dynamic site of your dreams? Our website templates are built with these ideas in mind. All layouts have been strategically designed to ensure your content is easy to digest and lovely to look at.

Don’t Neglect Your Headings

We all love a skim read, don’t we?

When a search engine (or an actual human being) is crawling your site, your headings act as crucial signposts to indicate what your content is all about. 

Effective headings positively impact readability by helping your reader’s eyes flick through the text quickly. If they’ve come looking for something specific and they can’t find that nugget of information within a few seconds, chances are they’ll bounce off of your site. 

Tech has made us all impatient – don’t take it too personally. Just give ‘em some solid headings using SEO best practices to keep them where you want them.

Pro tip: Only use one H1 heading per page and make sure it includes your main keyword. Having one strong heading, rather than dishing H1s all over the place, ensures the effect isn’t diluted.

Nailing On-Page Showit SEO 

On-page SEO covers title tags, meta descriptions, header tags and more. Unlike off-page (think backlinks from other sites), on-page SEO is something you have full control over.

And luckily, on-page Showit SEO is super intuitive.

Your title tags and meta descriptions are the first things people will see when they stumble across your site in their search results. This snippet directly influences whether they click or scroll on – Reeling them in with a clear, concise title that directly answers a question is the best way to increase your click-through rate.

Check your images, too! Your images might be messing around with your page loading speeds and negatively impacting your SEO. Image sizes should be roughly 2000px by 2000px and no bigger than 500kb – ideally around 300kb for super-fast loading speed. 

Quick Reminder! Don’t forget to add in file names and alt tags on your site images for more accessibility and inclusivity.

Get A Blog

No SEO strategy would be complete without hammering home the importance of a blog, and with Showit you get an integrated WordPress one. WIN!

Blogging is an incredible tool for search engine ranking and is a massive help when trying to drive more organic traffic to your website. Create a blog full of evergreen content that isn’t time-sensitive, so people can easily search and click on it year-round. 

Aim for topics that answer commonly-asked questions or explore topics that are buzzworthy within your industry. Just make sure to say something different – try to approach your subject from a unique angle to help set you apart from your competitor’s work. 

Blogging can also be used as a powerful sales tool. Your posts should be full of valuable free content but cleverly linking to your services within your posts is commonplace. If people have stumbled across your blog post when seeking an answer to their question, they should leave with their answer as well as the knowledge of who you are and what you offer.

You Don’t Have To Do It Alone

If you nail your SEO strategy and fill your site with quality content, your Showit site is just as likely as any other platform to help you rank on Google’s page 1 – trust us. Once you set up your website, grab yourself a cup of tea and run through the simple SEO tips above to make sure you’re ticking all the necessary boxes.

Need a little extra support in the SEO department? Our Showit templates have been designed with SEO best practices in mind. Browse all of our templates and enjoy our interactive demos in the Made By Rove shop.

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How to nail your SEO for Showit websites

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