Harper Showit website template

Introducing Our New Showit Website Template: Harper

Date: Apr 21, 2022

Harper Showit website template Made By Rove

Introducing our new Showit website template: Harper

You might have spotted there are two new Showit website templates on the MBR block. (And if you haven’t, where have you been?)

If you’ve only ever thought of your website as a boring means to an end, I created these two beauties to change that perception. I want you to see your own website as a thoughtfully-curated portfolio, a personal workbook, or a tool to create magic. I want it to make you feel excited.

Introducing my girls Harper and Jaime: robust, well-built Showit website templates designed to tick all the boxes for fearless, rebellious businesswomen. They effortlessly blend style and substance, and they’re fully equipped with all the bells and whistles to grow alongside your biz over time.

So you can make the right decision about the dream website template that’ll best fit your own unique vibe, let’s do some formal introductions and give you all the juicy need-to-know info. 

Harper says hey 💁

Meet Harper: the new mysterious cool girl on the block.

She’s confident, edgy, and dressed head-to-toe in a sleek monochrome ‘fit everyone wishes they could pull off. She’s driven, focused, and never doubts her talent. She’s both style and substance, and she knows she’s the shit.

As your new BFF, the Harper Showit website template is crafted to convey your work in a beautiful, bold, and elegant way. 

Who is the Harper Showit website template for?

In short, this template is perfect for any bold, wonderful entrepreneur who wants to take their work to the next level. 

But if you wanna get specific, Harper is perfect for social media managers, coaches, marketing experts, copywriters, PR moguls, and everything in between. If you’re a passionate writer or creator with work you want to showcase, Harper will do all that and more. She’ll shine your hard work in the most beautiful light to land you the clients you deserve.

All of our MBR x Showit website templates are fully customisable without needing to use a single line of code (wild,right?!), ready to see for yourself?

Harper Showit website template Made By Rove
See our Harper Showit website template customised

In no time at all!

What does the website template include?

Good question. Both of our new Showit website templates include alllllll the essential pages you need to convert clickers into clients. Better yet, they’re intuitively designed and built to pack an SEO punch. Party in the front, business in the back.

We’ve also gone to town on the included pages. Because A) we love to overdeliver and B) let’s be honest, no one likes a flimsy website that looks great on the surface but has zero depth. We’ve chucked in all the important pages that work hard for you behind the scenes, ensuring your visitors leave with no questions unanswered and no doubt in their minds that it’s you they wanna work with.  

Harper includes…

  • A sleek Homepage and About page
  • A Blog & Category page
  • A Portfolio to showcase all your stuff
  • A Services page to detail your offering
  • A Sales page to land those conversion
  • Your very own Instagram links page – finally, you can put LinkTree et al in the bin!
  • And plenty of juicy extras: the contact page, legal, short and long opt-ins, and more!

Want to get your hands on Harper?

Our two new Showit templates are robust, intuitive, and designed for success. They’re thoughtful, creative, high-end, and complete with beautiful branding from head to toe.

If you’re intrigued by this mysterious new girl in town, you can browse Harper and immerse yourself in the full experience here. Have a nosey, poke around and click on all the pages so you can envision Harper selling your stuff and bagging your dream clients for you.

If you’ve fallen in love after having an explore (I don’t blame you), you can drop me a message with any questions you might have. Ready to take the plunge? Make Harper your own here.

Oh, and if you’d like to learn more about Jaime, you can do that here.

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