brand and custom Showit website for Fiona McCoss

Branding & Custom Showit Website for Fiona McCoss

Date: Apr 11, 2022

brand and custom Showit website for Fiona McCoss

You know we’re all about the rebellious spirit here at Made by Rove. And no one encompasses all that it means to be a rebel entrepreneur quite like badass Fiona McCoss so we literally leaped at the chance to work with her on her rebrand and custom Showit website.

Fiona is a women’s mentor, empowerment expert, pleasure pro and events host. She’s the brains, spirit and fire behind her own incredible brand, championing feminine power, sensuality and authentic expression. 

In her own words, she;

I create offerings to bring the sacred into the mainstream, to bring sexuality into the everyday expression, to bring women into their birth-right place, power and pleasure.”

Basically, she’s a total powerhouse. And she needed a brand and custom website that reflected that. 

Beautiful new branding

We worked with Fiona to create something fiercely unique that truly does her work justice. To do that, we began by deep-diving into her business, brand and goals. 

Crafting a recognisable and powerful brand for Fiona was really important. Pulling together all the elements of Fiona’s work– wildness, expression, sensuality, freedom– and creating eye-catching visual elements was a really fun challenge. We mindfully chose a striking rich colour palette and bold but feminine typography to encapsulate Fiona’s unique work.

Logo design and tagline for empowerment coach, Fiona McCoss
Colour palette for Fiona McCoss
Wordmark logo design for Fiona McCoss
Bold submark design for Fiona McCoss

Creating Fiona’s new custom Showit website

The final result is an intuitive, one-of-a-kind custom Showit website that encapsulates Fiona’s empowering mission. Layered with rich colours, bold typography, and striking photography, the Showit website brings Fiona’s rebellious and unapologetic femininity to life.

Custom Showit website for Fiona McCoss - Mobile view

“I love it! There’s no way I could have envisioned what you created. I love the layout, the colours, the everything. You’ve created a website that I’m so proud of and that I feel is reflective of me and my business. I am so excited to share it with people.”

Brand and custom Showit website for Fiona McCoss
Custom Showit website for empowerment coach, Fiona McCoss

Showit was the perfect platform for Fiona. It gives you the creative freedom and flexibility to place elements anywhere on the page, creating a website that feels organic and authentic rather than boxy or restricted. Both our templates and our custom Showit websites are also designed with SEO best practices in mind, so we made sure that plenty of brand new eyes stumble across Fiona’s work. 

We stayed communicative the whole time, ensuring the website aligned with Fiona’s vision.

“Everything was seamless. Thank you so much for all your support all the way through and for being so communicative. I felt like I was being heard in all areas, and also nudged back on track lovingly when I went a bit off-piste.”

When it comes to laser-sharp focus, unwavering vision, and getting sh*t done, we’re experts.

Levelling up with a fresh new brand and custom Showit website

A slick new website does more than just help your online presence. It encourages a whole mindset shift. 

It was crucial to us to craft a new website that authentically reflects Fiona’s nature: fierce, no-bullshit, authentic passion. Your website is the online window for your work– it’s a no-brainer that it needs to do you justice, reflect your experience, and position you as an industry leader or expert in your field.

“I feel like (my new website) makes me more legit! You’ve up-levelled my brand into the next calibre, and I feel it. I’m excited for what’s to come.”

Last but not least, to ensure that things stay cohesive across all channels we also created a collection of easy-to-use Canva templates so that Fiona can market her biz with ease.

Social media templates designed for for empowerment expert, Fiona McCoss

Want your own?

If you’re inspired by Fiona and feel called to step into your own entrepreneurial power, with a new brand and website, let’s chat about how a custom Showit website can elevate you and your business. And if you just want a nosey at Fiona’s gorgeous new site… say no more. You can do that here.

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