The 3 Best Showit Website Templates for Coaches

Date: Jan 12, 2021

Ok, let’s get into it… The who, what, why, where behind our 3 best showit website templates for coaches;

Coaching is a beautifully personal experience for most people who decide to invest in it, but trying to convey your coaching methods and ideologies digitally can sometimes get tricky. 

As a coach, you want your potential clients to feel an instant connection to you and your services when browsing your site, but websites can often feel cold, impersonal and salesy – making it difficult to make the meaningful connections you crave.

Add to that → the coaching industry has soared in popularity over the last few years and while it’s wonderful so many people are ready to invest in their mindset, it means there are now considerably more competitor websites to outshine. 

How do you possibly find a way to stand out amongst all the other noise? Enter: a Showit website template built specifically for coaches and mentors!

No matter what you specialize in, you need to find a template that reflects the incredible value you offer. If you’ve already tried browsing coaching website templates, you’ll probably have realized there are countless to choose from so to save you lots of scrolling time (you’re welcome!)…

Here are our three picks for the best Showit website templates for coaches today. 

Harper stylish showit website template for coaches

1. Harper Showit Website Template – Let Your Personality Shine

Building an instant rapport with website visitors is SO important when introducing yourself to potential new coaching clients. People need to know if the vibe feels right immediately and the Harper Showit template’s sleek, understated, and intuitive design totally helps in that department.

Why We Love It: Harper is intentionally designed to let your personality and expertise shine through. The engaging homepage layout puts you at the forefront, taking your users through personalized segments about you, your services and even the quotes that inspire you and your business. 

This Showit website template (along with the others on this list) includes a thoughtfully crafted sales page to help you present your coaching services in a smart way – one that grabs attention and never lets go!

The unique sales page includes:

  • A tick list to help your potential client decide if your service is a good fit for them. This is the best place to house all the wonderful benefits and ways you can positively impact their life.
  • ‘What’s included’ bullet points to help you summarise your service concisely and effectively – without waffling on too much and causing confusion.
  • A testimonials slider to present glowing reviews from your previous clients.
  • Question accordions to answer any of your client’s queries – hopefully saving you lots of pesky back-and-forth emails.
  • A pricing breakdown, offering optional payment plans if you want to give your clients the choice to pay in installments.

Sound like just the thing you need? Explore more of the Harper and all of its wonderful features in the demo.

Franke showit website template for coaches

2. Franke Showit Website Template – Bold is Beautiful

Bold, modern and instantly captivating, with a unique split home screen, the Franke template is ideal for coaches who are ready to stand out from the crowd and have their voice heard in this highly competitive industry. 

Why We Love It: Franke’s slick layout feels classically modern, with a unique split home screen that instantly sets you apart from your competitors. 

If you’re a coach with some beautiful brand photos (or killer stock photos), this template’s homepage is the perfect place to capture your visitor’s attention through some high-resolution images. 

Want to add a powerful blog to your site to help build your web traffic and bring in more leads? Franke’s blog page displays all your posts in a stunning minimalist layout – the perfect way to showcase your wealth of knowledge and position you as an expert in the coaching industry.

Quick Tip: If you’ve built up an impressive backlog of blog posts somewhere else, the thought of having to shift them over to a new website might be putting you off from making a switch, but a huge bonus of opting for a Showit template is the ease of migrating existing blog posts cross-platform. 

Showit’s incredible support team can sort out the transfer of all your blogs into your new site, leaving you with only the fun bits to play around with…ya know, like making Franke totally your own! 

Explore the Franke website template up close and personal in this handy demo.

Aerin modern showit website template for coaches

3. Aerin Showit Website Template – The Ultimate Portfolio

Want to start selling your coaching services with more ease? The Aerin template’s glossy editorial aesthetic will help you do that and then some. 

Why We Love It: Perfect for biz owners who are strapped for time (who isn’t?!), the Aerin makes you look like a total pro in just a few clicks. Simply pop your brand colours, custom fonts and favourite images in and voilà – you’ve got an impressively professional site ready in an instant. 

Another unique feature is Aerin’s Portfolio page! Designed to help you humble-brag about all the wonderful coaching work you’ve done with previous clients, this template’s captivating video banner and tiled project area offers a truly beautiful place to house your work.

A common concern among small business owners is that without tons of expertise, time and coding knowledge, your website is bound to look amateur but you can breathe a sigh of relief because this just isn’t true!

With the Aerin Showit template, you’ll get a professional-looking site without typing even the tiniest bit of code. 

Grab a cuppa and immerse yourself in the Aerin template demo.

Making It All Your Own

No matter which you opt for, our Showit website templates for coaches are cleverly designed to provide you with the site of your dreams in no time at all. View the full collection here.

Created for creatives and service-based businesses in general, rather than with a specific job title in mind, our templates provide more flexibility and freedom so you can make any design completely your own. 

The best bit? You don’t need website-building expertise at all – and there’s no pesky coding involved to slow you down. The process is so intuitive that you can literally fly through it in just a few days! Each template also comes with its own personalized video tutorial walking you step-by-step through the process of customizing and launching your brand new website.

Start by compiling your copy and content, then choose the template that works best for you, input your brand colours and fonts, and crack open the wine. 

Check out more of our Showit website template demos to get a feel for what suits your business best. 

Fill us in! Are you a coach? Which template is your favourite? 

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