The 5 sales emails you need to launch your new product or service

The 5 Sales Emails You Need To Launch Your Offering

Date: Jul 24, 2022

So you’re sitting on something brand new, and you’re ready to launch it out into the world. Wanna know how to get your product or service off to the best possible start? Strategic sales emails. Log into your email marketing platform (if you don’t have one yet you can check out our post here for an honest and detailed review of all the heavy hitters!) and let’s chat launch sequences.

Building the perfect launch sequence can be unbelievably effective – especially considering that sales emails can generate around $42 for every dollar spent (!) talk about ROI! Your email subscribers are the real deal. They’re engaged, they willingly subscribed to your content, and they’ve given you VIP access to their inbox. Make the most of ‘em and remember it’s a two-way street, you should be giving your email community access to discounts and value that they can’t get anywhere else, treat them like the VIP’s that they are!

If you’re all set and ready to craft a next-level launch sequence filled with strategic sales emails, I’ll let you in on my fave 5 emails designed to sell your passive income products. Hit send and watch the sales roll in, babe.

Ok, let’s get into it… The 5 Sales Emails You Need To Launch Your Offering

The 5 sales emails you need to launch your new product or service

Email #1 – Reveal your product and share a juicy discount ONLY available to your email community

For obvious reasons, unveiling your new product is the best place to start. Kick off your sequence full of energy, enthusiasm and a killer subject line to hook them in.

Keep this one topline, only giving out the essential exciting details at this point. That way, you’ve saved back some juicy deets for later down the line, and you won’t fatigue your audience with information overload. It should include just enough information to entice the hares (aka the people who make fast purchasing decisions) to take action and enough to pique the interest of the tortoises (aka those who need a little more time to process and weigh up the pro’s and con’s before making purchasing decisions.

Let them know what you’re launching, what it entails and how they can get their hands on it for a fraction of the usual price. Chuck in a few lovely snaps, and you’re sorted.

Email #2 – Shout about the USP

Now you’ve got your readers desperate to know more, dig a little deeper. Why should they be excited to take action rn – what makes your new product or service so special? How is it going to create transformation and change the game for them?

Get into the nitty gritty now, spilling all the details on why your new product is the next best thing since sliced bread. 

If you need a little inspiration on how to do this, take a look at how we described our two new Showit website templates, Harper and Jaime. As well as sharing the nitty gritty, nuts and bolts of the product, we also painted the picture of each template in a more vibey and aspirational way, showing our audience not only who they’re for but also how they’ll feel once they’ve got these new templates in their life.

At the end of this email, add in an additional CTA, ask people to hit reply with any questions they might have and let them know that you’re ready to respond!

Email #3 – Social proof time

People trust people. Let’s be honest, we all love reading real-world stories, first-hand reviews and honest testimonials. A whopping 92% of customers read online reviews before taking the plunge to buy– so give your audience what they want and show ‘em some tangible proof that your product is going to be their new bestie.

If you’re brand new and wondering how the heck you’re going to get some testimonials ready for your launch, I’m let you in on a lil secret… The best way to gather some social proof pre-launch? Beta test. Pre-release your product or service to a handful of ideal customers, either for free, or massively discounted, in return for their honest feedback. 

Remember the point of beta testing isn’t only to gather positive social proof, it’s also to test out your product or offering in the real world so that you can fix any problems and reduce friction pre-launch. So make sure you ask the right questions to your beta testers, encourage them to be as detailed as possible and then take on board their feedback, good and bad. 

If you’re not sure what questions to ask, check out this post here.

Email #4 – Who this IS and ISN’T for

Get your creative storytelling brain on. As you might have heard, storytelling is everything when building a brand and it’s a killer skill to master… 

Put your prospective customer in the shoes of someone who hasn’t bought your product, and then who has. Show them the difference it will make to their life through storytelling, bringing your product experience to life.

If you need an example, we did this in our Once upon a time… email and That ONE thing that’s holding you back email while launching our two newest Showit templates, Harper and Jaime

Email #5 – Last chance & burning questions! 

It’s time to create some honest scarcity! You know that juicy discount you offered in your first email? Well now is the time to remind people that it’s about to expire, you’ll want to send this email 24 – 48 hours before times up. The likelihood is, your product or offering will never be as cheap as it is now, during your first launch so, remind people of that! 

This would also be a great email to publicly answer any questions you’ve been getting or any FAQS that you think are important to share in order to get those last few people over the line. Again, encourage people to reach out with any questions and make sure you’re as available as possible right up to cart close / discount end.  

Bonus bits!

Now you’ve curated the perfect product launch sequence, with some impactful sales emails, there are a few spicy things you can sprinkle into the mix to really elevate it to a new level. 

The digital seasoning, if you will.

Take a look at your subject lines and calls to action, and play around with different styles to see what works with your audience.

As a general rule of thumb, snappy mystery-led subject lines (with a few emojis here and there), tend to work a treat. 

When it comes to CTAs, trial different alternatives from chatty, informal quips to bold, short commands.

Ultimately though, your audience is distinctly and uniquely yours. What works for our audience might not hit the spot with yours. Get hands on with a bit of A/B testing and have a nosey at what works best. 

The most important thing of all? Infusing your emails with all the authentic, genuine enthusiasm and heart you put into your entire biz. They already know and love you– if you keep it real with them, you’ll reap the rewards.

Need a beautiful high-performance website to showcase your new products? Our new Showit templates Harper and Jaime have just launched– come and have an explore here.

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