5 Tips For Sales Page Copywriting

Date: Feb 9, 2021

Founder of Made By Rove sits on the sofa with coffee, laptop and her two rescue pups. About to write some killer sales page copy.

5 Sales Page Copywriting Must-Haves to Help Your Sales Page Sell

The aim of any smart sales page is simple – convert, convert, convert. Grab the ultimate attention of those lovely visitors and turn them into new enthusiastic customers! But despite sounding like a simple concept, there are a few copywriting elements your sales page *must* include in order to actually sell your stuff. Want to stop wasting precious time composing sales page copy that doesn’t do the job? We’ve got you covered with 5 of the most important sales page copywriting elements to include in your next killer sales page.

1. A Crystal Clear Offer

Please, give a warm welcome to clarity – your new best friend and one of the most important elements of a killer sales page. When putting together your sales page copywriting, your first priority should be to make it so clear a 7-year-old could pick up what you’re putting down.

Customers need to understand exactly what you’re offering them within a few seconds of clicking on the page, so do them (and yourself) a favour by strategizing before writing a word. 

Write down in plain English what your big idea or main message is (for your own reference). Skip the BS or any confusing industry jargon – just jot down exactly what you’re offering your customers in as few words as possible. 

Here are some prompts to help get you thinking:

  •  What’s the offer?
  •  Who needs it most?
  •  Why do they need it? And why might they object to it?

Remember, sales page copywriting is more than just listing out facts! Yes, you’ll want to list all the practical features and services you’re offering, but it’s super important to lay out the long-term benefits your customers can expect after purchasing. 

You’ll always be competing with others in your niche or industry, but if the transformation you provide sounds greater than those you’re up against, it’s an easy decision for those looking to buy. 

2. Attention-Grabbing Headlines

Like a kid in a toy store, you need to grab hold of your reader’s wandering attention and make sure they don’t aimlessly follow the next sparkly thing. The scroll struggle is REAL, but rock-solid headlines can help.

So, where to start? Leave them until the end! Don’t spend even a second dwelling on your attention-grabbing headline before you start writing the rest of your copy. 

Not only will you find yourself staring at a blank page for hours (learn from our mistakes!) but you could end up boxing yourself into an idea that’s not workable in the end. If you focus on crafting your killer sales copy first, you’ll start seeing tons of incredible headline ideas jump off the page.

And remember, try not to be too clever. We all love a great pun, but don’t try to squeeze one in where it doesn’t work! Your headlines don’t always need to be alliterative or have a punchline – they should focus on your crystal clear solution to a reader’s problem.

3. Smart Formatting

Words are like a superpower in quality sales page copywriting, but let’s not forget about the element of awesome formatting.

Check out how your page looks visually as you’re writing it and remind yourself that you’re taking readers on a journey! For the greatest user experience, consider readability and the page’s overall navigation. 

Use images, bullet points, pull out quotes, and paragraph breaks strategically throughout your sales page to cut up big blocks of text and anything else that might overwhelm your visitors. 

Pro tip: Readability even includes little things like character and line spacing, too!

Basically, your aim here is to remove all the obstacles that might make your copy harder to digest (and easier to click away from). 

In our Showit website templates, we’ve included sales page templates as standard, which makes formatting MUCH easier. Each template has been specifically created with readability in mind and offers a thoughtful layout to take out the guesswork and help your copy shine.

4. The Trust Factor

People trust people. Duh.

Once your customers land on your sales page they’ll pick up quickly that you’re trying to sell them something – sales copy, meet skeptical readers! Combat their skepticism with a pitch on why they should trust and hire you.

A few powerful and authentic testimonials add a lovely weight to your overall pitch.

Weave your best reviews into your sales page copy and be sure to pepper them throughout your website in general. Testimonials that speak to your process and results will help persuade people into clicking the buy button, and they’ll also give your potential customers a chance to find out more about you from the perspective of other customers.

If you haven’t collected any testimonials before, it’s never too late to start → Craft a short questionnaire to send to your past and present clients. You can use the reviews to tempt new customers on your site and sale pages + the feedback will hone in on where and how to improve your services for future buyers – win-win. 

A few questions you should ask when gathering testimonials;

  • What was life like before purchasing our product or service?
  • What specific problem were you trying to solve?
  • What made you choose us, over others?
  • What is your life/business like now, after working with us / using our product?
  • What would you say to someone who’s on the fence about purchasing?
  • Anything we can do to improve our product or service?

5. Seal the Deal with Urgency

You’ve tempted them in….now you’ve got to find a way to close the door behind them. (That sounds menacing, but we mean it in the nicest way possible!)

If you’ve only half convinced someone of something, they’ll always find an excuse to put off investing at the moment, so work on creating a sense of urgency to help them take the leap and buy your service/product NOW.

Part of sales page copywriting is using a little sales psychology and phrases like “limited time offer” or “never again” or “only until ___” are great examples of this strategy at play. 

People are way more likely to make an immediate decision when they’re told they’re getting an incredible deal that’s only temporary. It makes them feel like they’re jumping on something exclusive!

Bonus: Design Makes A Difference

Talk to any professional copywriter and they’ll tell you right away that sales page copywriting and web page design go hand in hand! Feel like tackling the copy is enough of a burden?

Check out our Jaime Showit sales page template

A beautifully intuitive and thoughtfully designed page, Jaime provides clever segments to present your services in the most eye-catching way.

But it’s not the only one – we’ve made sure to include a sales page template, primed and ready for your killer content in all of our Showit website templates.

What do you think? Do design and copy go hand in hand or can you get away with one without the other?

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