how to create website copy that converts

How To Write Website Copy That Converts

Date: Apr 7, 2020

how to create website copy that converts

An effective website can truly make or break your business but beautiful, strategic design is only half the picture – your website copy is an important piece of the pie and it’s worth taking some time and care and to get it right.

To help you with that process we’ve put this list together…

6 things to think about when creating your website copy

It’s not about you, it’s about them 

Put your ideal client front and centre, as soon as they land on your website they need to know that you ‘get them’ and that you can help them with their very specific needs and pain points. The goal is to have your ideal clients saying ‘OMG yes, that’s me!! I need this solution ASAP!’ 

To achieve that you need to learn to speak directly to them in a way that resonates, the way to do that is to know them. Like, truly know them.

Get clear on their struggles

Now that you know who your ideal client is, you need to define exactly what it is that they’re struggling with, what’s holding them back from achieving success? Jot down all of their potential pain points (this is where you could poll your audience to get it straight from the horse’s mouth!) and also how those pain points make them feel. 

Now you have a big list of ideas, hone in on the issues that you or your products can easily help them with, then narrow that down again to the problems that you really want to be known for solving. Enjoying what you do is crucial for longevity so don’t go down the path of doing something you hate, just because you can, ok?

If you have a tendency to want to do all the things, remember, the riches are in the niches – you don’t have to fix everything, just focus on fixing a few things, well. Doing this will make creating your website copy a much easier task, too – just saying!

Keep it simple

People want to be able to easily see how they will achieve this change or transformation through working with you. If it sounds overcomplicated, you’ll lose people before they’ve even started. So, spend some time simplifying your process – aka how people go from working with you to achieving their end goal. 

Be clear and concise – most people look to someone else to help and guide them because they’re overwhelmed and can’t find their way through the noise. We want to run away from confusion and towards clarity – always.

Remind them of the consequences of not taking action – aka staying right where they are

Find a way to touch upon the emotional cost of not working with you. What will their life and business look like if they don’t take action today and instead continue along their current trajectory? Remind them of the pain that they’re currently experiencing and how it’s holding them back.

On the flipside, remind them of the benefits of taking aligned and inspired action

People are wired differently, some respond to fear-based marketing and others respond to more aspirational messaging so don’t forget to use both!

You know that you can help them take the next step, enabling them to move seamlessly from stuck to clear, allowing them more time to focus on the things they love. You and your products or services are the light at the end of the tunnel. 

Encourage them to envision a future in which they took aligned action and moved towards their dream life. 


You are the person that gets to help your clients reach their goals and true potential, you are the key that unlocks that transformation. Maybe you’ve been in your client’s exact position before, so you’re uniquely able to help guide them through this process. By not creating website copy that effectively persuades people of this, you’re potentially robbing them of that transformation.

You owe it to your people to make it as easy as possible for them to take action and reach their goals.

I’ve got my website copy, what’s next?

Ok, If you’ve got the copy nailed but need help with a strategically designed website then we’ve got you, friend! We have a collection of premium Showit website templates for creatives, course creators, photographers, coaches and online entrepreneurs! Designed to get you online and in business FAST – you can see the full collection here.

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